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Focused on providing individuals, groups and businesses the skills, tools  and venues necessary to improve the way they network (socially or professionally); whether for sales leads, personal growth, business/group interacting or job seeking ...do it PDQ!  Additional sales and marketing services are available to improve your web site SEO and LinkedIN profile effectiveness.

You can sit all day long on the computer searching sales leads, checking job boards, posting resumes and hoping for that one email to come, or diligently waiting by the phone for it to ring day after day after day ...or you can be proactive by networking, making contacts and making that phone ring; the later has a better chance of paying the bills.

NEW: Job/Employment Networking Events 


WHEN:    Every Monday morning at 10am (Pinder Hall)
WHERE: The Church of the Redeemer, 2341 Winterfield Road, Midlothian VA 23113 
WHAT:     a FREE weekly gathering of the unemployed and the under-employed providing them with job, resume and interview skills and other various information, insights and networking tips mentored by business and HR professionals so as to be better prepared in how to search for and pursue new employment opportunities and events, as well as how to be successful in your resume presentation, "elevator speech" and the phone/job interview process ...and a lot more.  There is NO COST involved and all are welcome to attend. 
Note: JobSeekers is a cooperative ministry of the Episcopal Churches of Convocation VII of the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Virginia. All Christians are welcome and encouraged to attend; no pre-registration is necessary. For additional information: please contact Rev. Dr. Nancy E. Meck at redeemerassoc@comcast.net or via telephone: 804-379-8899

Event: (Additional events and a web site upgrade coming after Christmas)

Summary:      It is the goal of this web site to assist you with your networking skills and activities.
NEW: PHONE NETWORKING EVENTS:  http://tinyurl.com/pdqbtintro
There are other venues of networking with people and businesses for business leads, personal growth and seeking job/employment opportunities. Phone networking is one such new and exciting means of doing so.  Clicking on the URL link above will take you to the phone networking site where you will be allowed 2 FREE networking sessions where you can network with others via the comfort of your own home, cell or business telephone.  This is a very unique and worthwhile technology to use and explore ...and at no risk.

NEW: Upcoming Networking Events 

EVENT: (To be updated shortly)

If you are already familiar with the workings of speed networking at sales, training and job fair type of events, then you will find out how PDQ can take you to the next level and beyond anything else that you may have experienced. If you are new to social and business networking, then there is no better place to get started than with PDQ.

Catch the new technology of networking via phone-to-phone and all from the convenience of your office, home or cell phone. Either call: 804.794.3478 or email: info@pdqnetworking.com for more information.
In the next sections (to be posted shortly) PDQ will introduce you to its face-to-face and phone-to-phone networking events, seminars, software and tools and explain how each may be of help to you in honing and improving your networking skills.  

After all ...if you are going to do some professional P2P, B2B, face-to-face or phone-to-phone networking, do it right ... and do it PDQ!